Who we are and what we do



EIBF is a non-commercial European and International umbrella association representing national Booksellers' Associations and Booksellers over the world. Through its member associations, EIBF speaks on behalf of more than 25.000 individual booksellers.

The Team in Brussels:

  • fran [at] europeanbooksellers [dot] eu (Fran Dubruille), Director
  • viviane [at] europeanbooksellers [dot] eu (Viviane Vandemeulebroucke), Project Manager

Address: Rue de la Science 10, 1000 Brussels. Tel/fax: +32 2 223 49 40

The Executive Committee:

President: John McNamee (Bookseller in Ireland - Eason Portlaoise). laoised [at] eircom [dot] net (Contact)

Vice President Legal Affairs: Kyra Dreher (Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels e.V., Germany). dreher [at] boev [dot] de (Contact)

Vice President Digital Affairs: Fabian Paagman (Koninklijke Boekverkopersbond, the Netherlands. fabian [at] paagman [dot] nl (Contact)

Treasurer: Olaf Winslow (Director of the Danish BA). olaf [at] bogpost [dot] dk (Contact)

Mats Ahlstrom (Swedish Booksellers Association). mats [dot] ahlstrom [at] djursholmsbokhandel [dot] se (Contact)

Javier Camara (Bookseller in Spain - Libreria Camara). pedidos [at] libreriacamara [dot] com (Contact)

Tim Godfray (The Booksellers Association of the United Kingdom and Ireland Ltd., United Kingdom). tim [dot] godfray [at] booksellers [dot] org [dot] uk (Contact)

Davy Hanegreefs (Vereniging Vlaamse Boekverkopers - VVB, Belgium). davy [dot] hanegreefs [at] boek [dot] be (Contact)

Eric Hardin (Association des Librairies utilisatrices de Réseaux Electroniques - ALIRE, France). hardin [at] pave [dot] fr (Contact)

Trine Stensen (Den norske Bokhandlerforening, Norway). Trine [at] bokhandlerforeningen [dot] no (Contact)

Jean-Luc Treutenaere, to be confirmed in October 2013 (Syndicat des Distributeurs de Loisirs Culturels - SDLC, France). jl [dot] t [at] cultura [dot] fr (Contact)

EIBF Vice President for international affairs: Oren Teicher (American Booksellers Association, USA). oteich [at] bookweb [dot] org (Contact)

EIBF Asia Adviser: Yang Muzhi (Books and Periodicals Distribution Association of China). zrk [at] vip [dot] sina [dot] com (Contact)