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Hashtags enter the bookstores

22 January 2015

Official launch of #mynextread campaign: LET'S INSPIRE EUROPE


Paris, 21.01.2015 Read more »

Le hashtag passe la porte des librairies

22 January 2015

Lancement officiel de la campagne #mynextread: INSPIRONS L'EUROPE


Paris, 21.01.2015

La fédération européenne des libraires, - EIBF - a présenté sa nouvelle campagne #mynextread à Paris. Read more »


8 January 2015

Je suis Charlie

The EIBF regards with horror the unspeakable attack perpetrated against Charlie Hebdo in Paris.

No words are strong enough to express EIBF's total condemnation of such an abominable crime against democracy and freedom of expression, principles that booksellers defend with the most vehement vigour in their daily professional practice. Read more »

Obituary to John McNamee

7 January 2015

John McNamee's funeral took place today in PortLaoise in the presence of a considerable crowd.

EIBF was represented by Françoise Dubruille, Director, and Tim Godfray, CEO of the Booksellers Association of the UK & Ireland, and Member of the EIBF Executive Committee.

John was born in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, and moved to the Republic of Ireland early on in his career. He opened his first bookshop in Portlaoise, Laois Educational Supplies, in 1986 and a branch in Newbridge in 1988. Read more »

Décès de John McNamee

5 January 2015

John McNameeC'est avec un profond chagrin que Kyra Dreher, Fabian Paagman et Jean-Luc Treutenaere, co-présidents de l'European & International Booksellers Federation doivent vous annoncer le décès soudain, le 4 janvier 2015, de John McNamee, le précédent Président.

John McNamee a été président de l'EBF, European booksellers Federation, de 2005 à Avril 2014. Read more »

Past President John McNamee passed away

5 January 2015

John McNamee

It is with deep sorrow that Kyra Dreher, Fabian Paagman and Jean-Luc Treutenaere, Co-Presidents of the European & International Booksellers Federation - EIBF - announce the sudden death, on 4.01.2015, of John McNamee, past President.

John Mc Namee was President of the European Booksellers Federation from 2005 to April 2014. Read more »

Les secteurs culturels et créatifs européens, générateurs de croissance

15 December 2014

Les Secteurs culturels et créatifs européens, générateurs de croissance - Décembre 2014

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Creating Growth - Measuring cultural and creative markets in the EU

15 December 2014

Creating growth.
Measuring cultural and creative markets in the EU
December 2014

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Google, Amazon and Apple less transparent than Gazprom, says report

17 November 2014

Google, Amazon, and Apple are among the least transparent multinationals in the world, worse than Russian state-owned energy companies Gazprom, and Rosneft, according to a report published today (5 November) by anti-corruption campaigners.

The US tech giants scored less than three out of a possible ten in the Transparency International ranking, which rates the 124 firms on the Forbes list of the world's largest publicly traded companies. Read more »


9 October 2014


EIBF co presidents
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The European and International Booksellers Federation held its statutory General Assembly at the Frankfurt Book Fair today. Read more »